- the history of the villains and hero's of Southern Africans -
Profiles of Historic People of Southern Africa
A lot work and sacrifices have occurred to shape southern Africa into what it is today. Some people have done more than others, some have sacrificed more than others, some may be considered to be heroes, some are considered to be villains. Some lay in their graves without the world knowing of the heroic deeds that they took to the grave or worse that led them to the grave. These are the unsung heroes of southern Africa, some are world renowned, some are only known with the borders of the country they called their mother land.

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Current Profiles
The profiles currently in the  Bulawayo1872!Profiles, have been listed below.
South Africa Zimbabwe
Anta, James Anta, James
Baines, Thomas Baines, Thomas
Matshobana, Khumalo Kaguvi (Sekuru)
Meikle, Thomas Lobengula Khumalo, King of the Matebele
Prestage, Peter Father Meikle, Thomas
Tshaka, King of the Zulu Mpezeni Khumalo
Rhodes, Cecil John Mzilikazi Khumalo, King of the Matebele
Nehanda (Mbuya)
Nkomo, Joshua N
Prestage, Peter Father
Rhodes, Cecil John
Sidojiwa Khumalo