- After dark tips to use in and around Bulawayo -
After Dark
As with urban centers the world over, Bulawayo has its hotspots that throb with energy long past the bewitching hour. Bulawayo has a variety of night activity to offer.
There are numerous eating places to choose from. Offering a assortment of cuisines to select from. Chinese, Italian, Western, Portuguese are just a few of the type of  cuisines on the offing from Bulawayo. Basically Bulawayo restaurants offer everything from the most mundane franchised burger, to elaborate and exotic themes reserved for the well heeled. Food offerings can be listed by continent. 
I have been to Khami Ruins
I am kind of big deal in BULAWAYO
Night Clubs 
Dotted around the city center and outskirts of the city, with celebrated live performances, the night clubs provides a taste of Africa Bulawayo style.
For the more sedate, looking for a tranquilized ambience, Bulawayo has theatres in and out of the city.
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